Beaches near Palma

Beaches near Palma

Platja de Palma

Along Palmas promenade northwest, you will find the first foreshore called Platja de Palma. It’s a popular beach for sunbathing but it’s preferable to swim on one of the other beaches where the water has better quality.

El Portixol

Just outside of Palma lies the charming old fishing village Portixol. There is a small cozy beach surrounded by picturesque houses. In a relaxing environment, you can enjoy the beach, sea and the hip cafes.

Playa Arenal


  Playa arenal

Bus number 25 northwest will take you to Playa Arenal with a travel time of 15 minutes by motorway. A wonderful wide long beach with crystal clear water will appear in front of you. This is a beach that is not shallow, you can easily begin to swim about 15 meters into the sea directly. The feeling of openness and freedom is maximal.

Playa de Cala Major

First stop southwest of Palma city, you will find Cala Major beach. It’s a charming beach with amazing water and is mostly filled with eager beach bathers. Bus number 3 will get you there in about 10 minutes. You will also see King Juan Carlos’s huge resident on the rocky headland.

Playa Illietas

Continuing south you will reach the beach Illietas. A very popular little beach nestled by rocks. There is also a very cozy and trendy beach club available nearby, a perfect place to relax in a comfortable atmosphere with breathtaking views.

Playa de Puerto portals

Puerto Portals is known for the harbor with the luxury yachts and the lovely beach. Not easy to find but once you reached the beach, you would be happy to stay. At the end of the cutting tip lies Roxy’s beach bar serving light lunches in a unique environment. Definitely worth a visit!

Palma Nova

Palma Nova is almost jointly built up with Magaluf but has its own very family friendly beach. Palma Nova beach strip is full of restaurants, bars and souvenir shops.


The youths paradise, but not to be despised, Magaluf beach is still high class with good water. If you don’t want to be bothered with loud music and wild, young party people, you can make an early morning appearance at the beach before all happy party people have woken up.

Santa Ponsa beach

Further south, about 20 km from the city of Palma is Santa Ponsa. The city offers a fantastic sandy beach with shallow water surrounded by a beautiful landscape.

Text: Daniella Palm

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