South Coast

View in Cala pi Mallorca

Cala Pi
Southeast of Palma is the village of Cala Pi. Here are a Typically mallorquin watchtower at the steep cliffs. Do you take the stairs down into the ravine skommer you into a narrow bay with a fine sandy beach.

Beach of Portal Nous

Portal Nous
West of Palma is the Portal Nous. Here is Mallorca’s most exclusive marinas. Want to eat well and exclusively so suits this village perfect, the marina is full of upscale restaurants. This is a bit difficult hilly terrain to walk in, so bring comfortable shoes. In Portal Nous are several nice beaches.

Colònia de Saint Jordi

The city is surrounded by salt basins and has a nice beach right in the center. Want to eat fresh fish as supplying fleet here every day.


Here is the Germans’ paradise. The sandy beach is several kilometers peace is lined with hotels where Germans dominate. Inside the central S’Arsenal so streets are lined with bars and entertainment

Magaluf och Palma Nova

Metropol for fun and celebration. Here are flocking partying Brits and the nightlife is loud-Looking party then you should go here. There is also a nice beach with lots of activities



Cala Pi: © Ramona smiers
Portal Nous: © mifaimoltosorridere


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