Shopping in Palma

Palma is Mallorca’s largest shopping mall.

Foto: Jeanette Edsjö

There are lots of cozy narrow streets with many upscale shops and trendy shops that make the range is complete.

Palma offers endless shopping opportunities. Passeo des Born, one of the main shopping streets lined with stores, shops and boutiques. There are lots of small pedestrian streets where the shops are close. Palma Avinguda Jaume III is also a large shopping area

Footwear Shops

Take the opportunity to buy leather, here you will find high quality and stylish design products

El Corte Ingles
This is one of the largest shopping center in Palma. It is very popular with locals and tourists


Porto Pi Centro Comercial

A major shopping center is also available if you take out from the old streets of Palma and follow the harbor promenade Passeig Maritim west. This is called Porto Pi and here are the major clothing chains


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