Shopping in Palma

Palma is Mallorca’s largest shopping mall. Foto: Jeanette Edsjö There are lots of cozy narrow streets with many upscale shops and trendy shops that make the range is complete. Palma offers endless shopping opportunities. Passeo des Born, one of the main shopping streets lined with stores, shops and boutiques. There are lots of small pedestrian …

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El Arenal Beach

  The resort of Arenal, which you may also see written as El Arenal or S’Arenal, is situated along the central south coast of Majorca, at the eastern end of a 6km stretch of beach known as Playa de Palma

Playa de Muro

Playa de Muro Beach  Playa de Muro is a beautiful six kilometre long white sandy beach in the north of Majorca that is generally quieter than neighbouring Alcudia beach because of its out of town location. Great for families and water sport enthusiasts, it is also well served by restaurants and cafes along the beach front. You can …

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Puerto Portals

Luxurious harbor located in Puerto Nous Text: Daniella Palm Photo: Jeanette Edsjö Puerto Portals is the luxurious harbor located in Puerto Nous, only 11 kilometers away from Palma and a short distance away from the festive Magaluf. This is where you’ll find the perfect combination of celebrities, upper class figures, businessmen and of course, tourists …

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Spanish lunch dishes in Majorca

Paella de catalana Spanish ”hash” of rice, meat, sausages, mussels, fish pieces and shrimp. Caldereta de llagosta An expensive meal but is worth the try. Lobster stew is typical of the island and the Spanish Mediterranean coast.  Tapas  This is a variety of side dishes that you choose what you want, there is often a …

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Goda spanska förrätter & snacks

Esqueixada En god  katalansk sallad på torkad torsk med paprika, tomater, lök och oliver. Entremesos Tallrik med lokala korvar och ostar. Gott till drinken. Bocadillos Baguette fylld med godsaker såsom skinka, ostar, tonfiskröra. Aceitunas Oliver – en rad sorter, både grö­na och svarta. Godast är de som marinerats i kryddor Sopas mallorquínas Grönsakssoppa, innehåller ofta …

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Attractions in Palma

La Seu Palma’s magnificent cathedral is the city’s main attraction and one of Europe’s finest Gothic buildings. All the figures on the facade fascinates, but the interior is the best, including Miguel Barceló’s 300-square-meter mural artwork in ceramics from 2007 in Saint Peter’s Chapel and Antoni Gaudí canopy model in full scale above the high …

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Galleries in Palma

Galleries in Palma   Fundació Pilar in Joan Miró Here you will find a large collection of Miró sculptures and paintings – everything from large format art to simple sketches. Miró Studio is ”open” with a view of the ocean and is located only a few kilometers west of central Palma. You can rent a …

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Getting around palma

Stroll Most things are within walking distance of Palma although there is a fairly large city. Are you planning to wander around on your own so bring comfortable shoes! If you get tired, you can easily take a local bus on Taxi Run taxis on taximeter when you want to go within the city. Planning …

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Travel to Mallorca

Travel to Mallorca The range of flights to Majorca are gigantic. Almost all charter operators have trips to Mallorca. Regular Air Berlin from Berlin and Iberia and several European airlines fly to Palma de Mallorca. With the airlines, you will land somewhere between Ryanair flies direct to Palma from Gothenburg Regular direct flights Want to …

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