Passports and Visas

Swedish citizens do not need visas.
Mallorquin and Spanish. Mallor-quin is a variant of Catalan.
Those who work with tourists may also English and German

10 € = 8.7 SEK (Forex, 8 August 2012).
Banks are usually open 9:00 a.m. to 02:00 Monday to Friday. Saturday 09.00-13 .00 in high season

Exchange offices are usually open at night seven days a week.
On Mallorca are very many ATMs.

Most shops, restaurants and hotels accept cards. Price level is just during the Swedish.

There is a lot of crime directed against tourists. The most common are pocketing, car break-ins and muggings occasionally.

Keep in mind that many tourists driving drunk and Spaniards gas well on and driving too fast

It is a maze of small roads, but highway between Palma-Alcudia is excellent.

The most common is that you can use your regular plug from Sweden and it is 220 volts.


Here are the EU rules on the mobile network. Maxavgiften for calls to Sweden was approved by the EU. Currently, about 4 minutes :-/
The mobile network works well and maxavgiften call home with a Swedish phone is approved by the EU. Currently, the 3.75 per minute.

SMS to Sweden cow-takes max 1.20.

Will you post a plain postcard to Sweden, expect that it will take a week before it reaches the recipient. Shipping to Sweden is about 6 sec

Most hotels now have free wifi. If the hotel does not have, you can go to an Internet café, where you pay between 15-30 crowns per hour

Ask your tour operator which hotel is handicap accessible. Cities are disabled facilities in some places, but there are a lot steps and high curbs

You can find more information: Associació balear de per­sones amb discapacitat fisica

Normally leave drink in Mallorca. Are you happy you should leave between 5-10 percent tip.
If you go by taxi driver expects a tip, the easiest is to round up.

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